Swell Sturgeon Pellet

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Swell UKs complete food, designed specifically for Sturgeon & Sterlet species, in a 3mm pellet size, meaning its ideal for almost any size fish.


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Product Information

This is a highly digestible food is rich in animal protein and amino acids, so helps to really promote good health in your fish. It is particularly effective at increasing disease resistance, helping to keep the fish healthy for longer.

Ideally when feeding, you should only give as much as can be eaten within a 1 - 2 minute time frame - you can always add more if required, but over feeding can lead to poor water quality. During spring time temperatures, as it is getting warmer, sturgeons activity levels will be rising, and will therefore require more nutrients, so start to feed them up more. As its warms up through summer, sturgeon will tend to be feeding quite heavily, so feed as required, adding more if its eaten within 1 - 2 minutes. Continue this feeding into autumn as well, in order to ensure the fish are built up enough for the winter time. Once temperatures hit around 4°C you can stop feeding, but continue to feed up to this point.


Fish meal, fish oil, premix, grain products and derivatives, oil keeping seeds, vitamins and minerals.


  • Crude Protein: 42%.
  • Crude fats and oils: 18%.
  • Crude fibre: 2%.
  • Ash: 9%.
  • Vitamin A: 10000 IU/kg.
  • Vitamin D3: 2190 IU/kg.
  • Vitamin E: 200 mg/kg.
  • Vitamin C: 250 mg/kg.

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