Swell Tree Stump

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A natural ornament that enable you to replicate nature easily.


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Product Information

This tree stump certainly will create an interesting focal point in any aquarium. Swell UK's collection of natural ornaments enable you to replicate nature easily. They provide interesting structures for your fish to swim around and hide inside. Matched with one of the Swell UK own brand artificial plants or maybe evens surrounded by some live plants to create a natural realistic aquascape within your aquarium, soon enough your fish will establish their territories in and around your new ornaments.

Air pumps attached to airstones can be placed underneath or behind these ornaments to bring them to life by creating a bubble effect.

This ornament is easy to clean, just remove it from your aquarium and wipe it down with aquarium water, use a soft brush for those stubborn bits of algae.

Dimensions - 7'' Long x 8'' Wide x 10'' High

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