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  • Decorative colourful aquarium rainbow stone
  • Add texture to your aquarium
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all aquariums
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Rainbow stone is a brilliant way to liven up an aquascape as it brings lots of colour and texture.

What is Swell UK Aquarium Rainbow Stone?

Swell UK Aquarium Rainbow Stone is a specially chosen stone that makes a good decorative element in freshwater aquariums. These aquarium rocks have a bright, multi-coloured pattern similar to those found in lava rock or dragon stone, which is perfect for complementing the colours found in tropical fish. These natural stones come in three sizes with 1, 2 or 3 holes drilled in them to let fish play and hide in them.

Is rainbow rock safe for aquariums?

Yes, these rocks are perfectly safe for use in any tank. The rocks are unreactive and will have no effect on water chemistry or quality. These rocks are really good for fish, as the holes encourage natural hiding behaviours, and plants, as moss and carpeting plants can climb up the rock.



Brand Swell
Material Rainbow stone


Product Number of holes
SWLA1118 1
SWLA1119 2
SWLA1120 3
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