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  • Scissors for aquatic planting and gardening
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • 30cm to help you reach everywhere in your tank
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These are great quality planting scissors, a great addition to any aquascaper's collection

What are Swell UK planting scissors?

Swell UK planting scissors are long and thin aquatic scissors for detailed plant pruning. The scissors are made from durable stainless steel which is rust-resistant and easy to clean. The scissors are 30cm too, so you'll be able to easily reach the furthest parts of your aquarium with ease.

Why should I buy a pair of planting scissors?

Every aquascaper needs a good pair of planting scissors for fine cutting within their aquarium. Not only are they useful for cutting the plants back but they are a must-have for cutting off any dead leaves which later will pollute the aquarium. This pair is ideal as they are easy to use and durable, so you can expect to be using them for years to come.

How do I use planting scissors?

Swell UK planting scissors work the same way as normal scissors. However, if you've never used aquatic scissors before we recommend practising in the water before attempting fine work.




Material Stainless Steel
Length 30cm
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