Swell Pond Filters

Based on a wealth of pond keeping experience, we took inspiration from some of the best when developing this fantastic range of Swell Pond filters, featuring intense mechanical and biological filtration, as well as UVC technology to fight the algae causes of green water.

Available in 3 different types, we offer Swell Pond Filters in basic box form (UV, mechanical and bio filter with matching pump), a pressurised model (for easy cleaning), and a fantastic all-in-one filter unit, with integrated pump to draw in water – great for smaller ponds, with a fountain finish available.

Despite our aim of creating a functional budget range of pond filters, we cut no corners in construction. These filters are hard wearing, and except Swell’s own filter media to keep your running costs down too.

Available exclusively from Swell UK, you can buy them before 3pm weekdays to have them delivered as early as the next working day, ready to go into your pond.