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Aqua Medic T Computer Set will continuously measure and control the temperature of the water in your aquarium and can be connected to either a heating or cooling unit. Buy with confidence from Swell UK with Free next working day delivery.


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The Aqua Medic T Control is a fantastic multi use controller that can be connected to either a heating or cooling unit. The great feature with the T Computer set, is the fact that the computers are microprocessor-controlled units, they are safe, reliable and meet all the requirements of a professional measuring and regulating unit.

The T computer-Set is a precise multi-functional temperature controller and is complete with a digital temperature sensor. The mode of operation can be set using the function keys, either as a heater or cooler controller. In "heating" mode, the temperature is controlled to the set value using a proportional pulse system with an accuracy of ±0.1°C. In the "cooling" mode, the accuracy is ±0.5°C.

The maximum operating power is 1,000 watts for heaters and 600 watts for coolers.

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