Tetra TabiMin Tablets

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Bottom feeding aquarium fish will love Tetra TabiMin, designed to sink straight to the bottom of your tank to provide a tasty and nutritious meal for plecs, catfish and loaches, allowing then to feed at the dept that feels naturally comfortable for them.


  • Tabimin 120 tablets
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  • Tabimin 275 tablets
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  • Tabimin 1040 tablets
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Product Information

TabiMin from leading aquatic manufacturers Tetra is designed to sink quickly to the base of any aquarium, making the perfect food for catfish, loaches and more.

It can be added whole to the tank, or broken into smaller pieces for larger fish. This way bottom feeders can get all of the sustenance they need from the floor of the aquarium.

The multi tablet formula contains shrimps for added vitality and nutrition.

Avaiable in two sizes containing 120 tablets or 1040 tablets.

How to use:

  • Feed 2-3 times per day, feeding just as much as the fish will eat.
  • For nocturnal or timid fish, try feeding after dark for better results

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 29/07/2021 08:07am
    Tetra Tabimin 275 tablets
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    I have used these tablets for years, my corydoras pandas love them.
  • Rating
    Date 28/05/2021 07:05am
    Tetra Tabimin 1040 tablets
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    Fair price compared to others online
  • Rating
    Date 10/02/2021 09:02am
    Tetra Tabimin 120 tablets
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    Quantity, and exactly what I wanted
  • Rating
    Date 23/01/2020 12:01pm
    Tetra Tabimin 120 tablets
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    Very good sinking pellet dissolving slowly enabling all bottom dwelling fish to feed Ora larger fish to take whole