Deltec TC2060 External Protein Skimmer

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Deltec TC2060 External Protein Skimmers are available from Swell UK to ensure a brilliant protein level in your aquarium, all for our low Swell UK prices.


  • TC2060 External Protein Skimmer
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Product Information

Deltec are proud to introduce a new range of protein skimmers that have an integral pump, designed to use the least amount of energy whilst still creating the maximum amount of air.

The TC range of skimmers have an E-T-A, (Energy to Air) ratio of 60 to 1. They can produce an impressive 1300 litres of air per hour, while only using 25 watts of power. Compared to other skimmers, even Deltec's own range, this a massive difference and offers the best possible results.

The range is named 'TC' for the twin chambers of the unit. The patented bubble chamber pressurises the pumps for a higher performance and also ensures that just the dirty water passes through for the optimum clean. The new design of this range means they are compact enough to fit in to most installations and cabinets.

The TC 2060 can be gravity or pump fed, but please note the supply pump is not included.

Key Features:

  • Patented Twin Chamber bubble chamber.
  • Remote drain of skimmer cup.
  • Air silencer.
  • Micro adjustable skimmer setting.
  • High water flow through the skimmer 1400-2500 ltr/hr.
  • Can be gravity or pump fed (supply pump not supplied).


  • Unit Height 600mm
  • The total height measurement includes around 20mm for cup removal,
  • Significantly exceeds performance of AP701/AP851 (600 lts of air - 230V),
  • Total air produced - 1100- 1300 lts/hour,
  • Power consumption - 19-22 watts,
  • footprint - 300mm by 240mm,
  • footprint plus pipework - 406mm x 272mm,
  • Height under outlet pipe 281mm,
  • Neck diameter 110mm,
  • Tank Suitability 1400 litres (heavy stocking) / 1700 litres (normal stocking),
  • Pipe connections 32mm in - 50mm out,

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