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Fish Tank Week, PLUS get £12 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

At a glance...
  • Ammonia testing strips for aquarium use
  • A fast way to detect toxins produced by fish waste
  • Kit includes 25 easy-to-use test strips
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This Test Strip pack contains 25 easy to use dip tests, giving you fast reading of your Ammonia levels within your aquarium.

Ammonia is one of the most toxic substances you can have in an aquarium so it is important you reguarly test for ammonia and when detected act to remove or reduce the ammonia levels. Ammonia is very toxic to fish, so knowing when you have some present means that you can quickly reduce this through water changes to improve the water quality.

Each pack contains 25 dip test strips, just dip one strip into the water and move it around for about 5 seconds, then remove it without shaking off excess water. Keep the strip horizontal for 15 - 30 seconds before reading the result against the included colour chart.

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