Tetra AquaArt Explorer Coldwater Tank 30l

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The Tetra AquaArt Explorer Coldwater Tank 30l is a complete aquarium starter kit, featuring everything you need to establish a beautiful aquarium, including energy efficient LEDs, an EasyClear filter system and lots more! The rest of the design is up to you, and at Swell UK there are plenty of affordable ornaments and bits of tech to help you out!


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Product Information

The Tetra AquaArt Explorer 30 is a great tank packed with features that will enable you to quickly and easily set up a tropical or cold water aquarium. It boasts an EasyCrystal filter with cartridges and a smart LED lighting unit. Add to this the food, treatments and instruction kit and you can be confident that you are getting a great deal for your money.

The lid has an integral hatch for easy feeding, crafted from a transparent acrylic it allows for viewing from the top too, for a bird's eye view of your aquarium. The half-moon design of the tank gives you an original perspective on the traditional aquarium.

The EasyClear filter comes complete with a spare filter cartridge. The filter will cleanse the water of all dirt and debris easily and leave the water beautifully clear. Tetra advise that the filters are changed every four weeks, to keep the tank looking great. You can place the filter wherever you like so, you can arrange your aquarium to suit you.

An LED light system sits over the tank, to fully illuminate the tank. The 5watt LED system is powerful and energy efficient in equal measure, providing a fantastic light source for your aquarium and saving money too. The natural light emitted is perfect for fish tanks.

The unique style of this aquarium looks great with plants and decorative items, take a look at our extensive range to give your tank the personal touch!

Key Features:

  • 30L tank
  • EasyCrystal filter with spare cartridge for easy maintenance
  • 100ml feed, Tetra Goldfish, the ideal feed for health, colour and vitality
  • 100ml water conditioner Tetra Goldfish Aquasafe
  • 5mm thick glass distortion free
  • LED lighting for low energy consumption
  • Transparent resin cover with built in feeding hatch for easy use and maintenance
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 27cm x 43cm

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