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Tetra AquaArt Explorer Tropical Tank 60l

Half-moon design aquarium with filter, heater and lighting

At a glance...
  • 60 l fish tank for coldwater or tropical setups
  • Includes energy-efficient LEDs, EasyClear filter system and more
  • Dimensions: 33cm x 51cm x 51cm
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The Tetra AquaArt Explorer Tropical Tank 60l is a complete kit including a 51cm aquarium. The original half-moon design creates a different look to the tank and allows a different view of your aquatic life.

The 60-litre tank allows lots of space for fish and plants, which means you need a good filter to keep the water clean and healthy. The EasyCrystal filter easily and proficiently cleans the tank, and even comes with a spare cartridge. Tetra recommends that you change the cartridge every four weeks to maintain a clear tank. They also include an efficient heater, the TetraTec heater is robust, sturdy and precise, to make sure that your fish are kept at the right climate.

The Tetra Explorer 60 comes complete with an 8.5 watt LED lighting system to promote the healthy growth and development of fish and plants. The light unit sits over the tank and beams over the tank uniformly to show it in the best light possible. Long-lasting and energy-efficient, you can be sure of the best illumination at a low cost.

The Explorer also comes complete with a useful pack of treatments, food and other goodies to set up your tank and save you money.

This curved tank would look great with a coloured substrate, take a look at our extensive range for more ideas. If a natural look is more your thing, no problem. We have a range of neutral gravels and aquarium pebbles that are sure to suit.

Key Features:

  • 60L tank
  • EasyCrystal filter with a spare cartridge for easy maintenance
  • Accurate Tetra HT aquarium heater
  • 8.5 watt LED lighting for low energy consumption
  • 100ml feed, TetraMin, the ideal feed for health, colour and vitality
  • 100ml of EasyBalance, reduces the number of water changes
  • 100ml of water conditioner
  • Transparent acrylic resin cover with built in feeding hatch for easy use and maintenance
  • 5mm thick distortion free glass

Dimensions: 33cm x 51cm x 51cmH

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