Tetra Aquarium Nitrite Test Kit

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Check out your Aquarium Nitrite levels with this Tetra Nitrite Test Kit (liquid), letting you know your nitrite levels in an exact and easy to read manner. Doing so regularly allows you to take action if nitrite levels get too high, posing a danger to the life in your tank.


  • Nitrite Aquarium Test Kit
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Product Information

The Tetra Nitrite Test Kit is a perfect addition to any aquarium's store cupboard.

Nitrite is a by-product of ammonia, and it can be very toxic to fish and plants. A high level can lead to fish loss, especially in a new aquarium. Can also be used for pond testing.

This liquid test kit from Tetra is expertly crafted to give you reliable, accurate results. It uses a colour changing system which can be compared to the colour chart.

Test weekly to keep on top of conditions in your tank, it can be used in both freshwater and marine aquariums too, so you are covered. Good tank maintenance will help keep nitrites at bay, so make sure that your filter is sufficiently matured as well as regular water changes.

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