Tetra Cascade Globe Aquarium

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The Tetra Cascade aquarium with LED is a complete 6.8l aquarium set. While it looks like a classic fishbowl, it is far more functional and can safely support the aquatic life inside, giving you a stunning display.


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Product Information

The Cascade Globe Aquarium from Tetra is has a modern and unique design. Its also extremely easy to set up and maintain. This high quality, robust, glass bowl style aquarium comes complete with a filter and efficient LED lighting to provide the perfect way to display the beauty of your fish and plants.

This aquarium holds 6.8 litres making it ideal for small fish like Betta's (with a small heater), or can be kept at room temperature such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows. Alternatively the Cascade Globe Aquarium is ideal as a shrimp habitat or if fish keeping isn't your thing then it looks great as a small planted decorative aquarium.

For filter maintenance simply replace the Tetra filter cartridge (Easy Crystal Filter Pack C100) approximately once every 4 weeks. This will make sure that the tank continues to stay clear and healthy for that perfect look.

Key Features:

  • 6.8L Capacity
  • Soothing Waterfall feature with relaxing effect
  • 8 LED lights for powerful overhead lighting with low energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain : Simple cartridge to replace every 4 weeks
  • Single low voltage power cord powers both filter and LED light
  • Simple on/off switch for LED light

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