Tetra Easy Crystal Filter Box 300

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Tetra EasyCrystal Filter Box 300 is ideal for smaller aquariums and ensures perfect filtration in your smaller tank.


  • EasyCrystal Filter Box 300
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Product Information

The Tetra EasyCrystal Filter is perfect for aquariums of around 40 - 60l, and runs at a super energy efficient 3.5w! It comes complete with a empty slot internally for a heater to be integrated, ensuring less aquarium space is wasted with unsightly equipment (heater not provided).

This comes with easy-to-change filter cartridges and offers mechanical, biological and chemical filtration for crystal clear water and healthy fish. Ideally the filter cartridge should be changed every 4 weeks, though you will see a reduction in flow rate from the filter when this is required, so you'll be able to judge if it needs to be done more or less frequently.

The cartridge features double layered Filter Floss for optimum mechanical filtration, trapping even the tiniest particles, whilst the Filter Foam and Bio Balls included are offering optimum biological filtration, allowing a host of good bacteria to thrive. The added activated carbon also eliminates water clouding and any unpleasant odours through chemical filtration.

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