Tetra In Plus Internal Filters

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Tetra In Plus Internal Filters allow you to provide crystal clear filtration for your aquarium with a two part filtration sponge that even allows the preservation of beneficial bacteria during the cleaning process, maximising the efficiency of your aquarium filtration system.


  • TetraTec Internal IN400 plus
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  • TetraTec Internal IN600 plus
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  • TetraTec Internal IN800 plus
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  • TetraTec Internal IN1000 plus
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Product Information

As a well-known manufacturer, Tetra can be relied upon to create a powerful, yet efficient internal filter. Their range of In Plus Internal Filters offers a great performance and convenient features too. Compact enough to leave space for fish and plants, the filters still offer the best results.

The waste and pollutants found in a tank are created by the life within, so this is generally a build-up of ammonia and other waste. If not removed if not only looks unsightly, but can also harm fish and plants. The In Plus collection uses biological, chemical and mechanical filtration to fully eradicate this waste from the water.

The unit holds two media sponges in separate chambers. One can be left in whilst the other is cleaned, so as not to disturb the helpful bacteria that has developed.

Ensuring that the oxygen within the water is disseminated successfully will increase the health of your tank and make sure there are no stagnant spots. The Tetra range of filters has a 180⁰ rotating water outlet to provide movement to the clean water leaving the filter. Plus, it has a Venturi section, which allows air into the filter.

Available in various formats to suit tanks from 40 to 200 litres in size, the Tetra range is perfect for any aquarium.

Key Features:

  • Internal filter providing biological, mechanical and chemical filtering
  • Two chamber filter preserves beneficial bacteria
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Simple to fix heavy-duty suckers
  • Snap valve shuts off water flow for no-mess access to media
  • Robust design
  • Comes complete with media and pipework
  • Easy maintenance - no need to remove the entire filter, as all components can be quickly and easily removed in-situ
  • CE certified, TUV/GS tested - safety and reliability assured
  • Filter sponge split into two segments - one can be replaced whilst other maintains population of beneficial bacteria
  • Outlet nozzle can be rotated 180° for flexible flow direction
  • Activated carbon sponge also available, for cleaner, clearer water

Product Tank Sizes Guarantee
IN300 10 - 40 Litres 2 Years
IN400 30 - 60 Litres 2 Years
IN600 50 - 100 Litres 2 Years
IN800 80 - 150 Litres 2 Years
IN1000 120 - 200 Litres 2 Years

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    Tetra TetraTec Internal IN1000 plus
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    very quiet and it's very easy to install