Tetra Marine Crisps

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Tetra Marine Crisps are just as good as their popular marine flakes, but produce less waste in your tank, allowing your filter to handle the cycle of your aquarium more effectively. Order from Swell UK to get the very best prices.


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Product Information

Tetra Marine Crisps

A light, low waste alternative Tetra Marine Flakes, these two colour wafers make for a complete food. Made using a low heat process, the nutrients are locked inside for the best results.

A special formula of kelp, spirulina, algae, fish oils and even tiny crustaceans creates a high protein food that will support your fish's health from the inside out.

A BioActive formula has been incorporated into the food to boost overall vitality and support a long and healthy life for your fish. Colours are also enhanced by the added vitamins and minerals too.

The crisps produce much less waste than traditional flakes or pellets, so you can be sure of a cleaner tank for longer.

Feeding guide:

Feed 2 - 3 times a day, only as much as your fish can eat within a few minutes. Remove uneaten food to avoid a waste build-up.

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    Date 26/02/2016 17:02pm
    Tetra Marine Crisps 70g
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    Best than flake, no waste or small bits you cant use. Tangs etc love it.
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    Date 10/05/2015 12:05pm
    Tetra Marine Crisps 70g
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