Tetra Nitrate Minus

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Tetra Nitrate Minus hits algae where it hurts - it reduces any nitrates in the aquarium meaning there is less nitrate for algae to feed off. Easy to use and reduces the need for water changed. Order now for the best prices from Swell UK


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Product Information

Nitrates are a key part of algae formation. They are produced following filtration and controlling the levels will stop algae growth becoming a real problem.

Nitrate Minus from Tetra will reduce and control nitrate, and therefore improve water quality and the look and health of your fish tank.

It's easy to use - simply add to the aquarium once a week, no need media to replace or recharge. It can be used in tropical or freshwater aquariums.

Key Features:

  • Improves water quality by controlling nitrate levels
  • Removes nutrients that nitrate thrive on
  • Easy to dose, simply add to the aquarium
  • Maintains nitrate level below 30-40mg/l or less (in an average aquarium).

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