Tetra Nitrate Test Kit

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Tetra Nitrate Test Kits can be used for freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums and garden ponds, giving you accurate readings about your nitrate levels, allowing you the knowledge and power to take action if they are getting too high, just in time before problems become apparent in your water, usually in the form of unsightly algae.


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Product Information

Nitrate is the end product of biological filtration and the result of decomposition of nitrite. It can also be present in tap water supplies. It is a key cause of algae growth and in high concentrations can cause fish and plant health problems as they are starved of nutrients.

Use the Nitrate Test Kit every 1-2 weeks to monitor levels properly and use Tetra Nitrate Minus to remedy the problem. In a new set up you may need to test every few days to make sure that the filtration system is working properly.

This kit uses a colour change system to give accurate results, simply compare your findings to the colour chart included.

Key Features:

  • 3 x reagents
  • 1 x measuring vial
  • 1 x pipette
  • Colour chart
  • Full instructions

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    Date 23/08/2021 08:08am
    Tetra Nitrate Test Kit
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    Easy to use and accurate.
  • Rating
    Date 17/11/2020 10:11am
    Tetra Nitrate Test Kit
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    Accurate ,easy to use and colour matching clear