Tetra pH/KH Minus

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A simple and safe treatment that can be used to control pH/KH within your fish tank system.


  • pH/KH Minus 100ml
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Product Information

Tetra pH/KH Minus is for the controlled reduction of pH and carbonate hardness levels within your tank, by precise adjustment of the carbonate hardness, and also regulating the pH value on a long-term basis.

Tetra pH/KH Minus is a very safe and simple to use, with 25ml treating 100l of water. You will find that there will be an increase in plant growth, due to the release of CO². Also for the treatment of acute ammonia poisoning.

Application Tetra pH/KH Minus:

The application of 25 ml per 100 litres of aquarium water each 2 days reduces the carbonate hardness (CH) for approx. 2 degrees dKH with each application.

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