Tetra Pond AlgoRem

24hr emergency remedy against green water caused by algae

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  • Algae treatment
  • Fish and plant safe
  • Works quickly and directly
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Tetra Pond AlgoRem will rid your garden pond of unsightly green water caused by floating algae cells. It starts to work within hours and is safe for use fish and plants.

Suspended algae cells multiply at a massive rate over the spring and summer, causing a thick pea soup effect to the water in your pond. It can rob plants and fish of light and oxygen as well as deplete the nutrient supply, leaving the delicate balance of your pond in peril.

AlgoRem forces the cells to 'clump' together. This makes them much easier for the pond filter to remove or for them to sink to the pond floor. A good sludge remover will clear any build up and aid the restoration of water clarity.


  • Add 50 ml of AlgoRem for every 1000 Litres (220 gallons) of pond water.
  • Remove as much clumped algae from the pond as possible to prevent it rotting down, and releasing more nutrients into the water.
  • It is advisable, as with any algae-removing remedy, to aerate the water during treatment.
  • Always read the instructions carefully before use.
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