Tetra Ammonia Test Kit

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This Tetra Ammonia Test Kit is for use in your freshwater Aquarium, marine Aquarium or garden pond, allowing you to take accurate readings about the potentially dangerous levels of ammonia in your water. Doing so regularly allows you to take action, using a Ammonia reducter if needed to protect your delicate water chemistry from causing problems.


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Product Information

Ammonia can devastate a once healthy aquarium or pond, killing fish and costing you much in terms of time and money.

The Tetra Ammonia Test Kit is a colour changing system which quickly and reliably indicates the level of ammonia in your aquarium or pond.

This is ideal to use in a new set up, when filtration systems are immature and new fish stocks can cause dangerously high levels of waste and ammonia. It's also ideal to regularly test for ammonia to keep an eye on the water quality and ensure that your filter media is sufficient.

We recommend testing a new pond or tank every 2-3 days to thoroughly monitor ammonia levels.

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