Tetra Pond CrystalWater

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Tetra Pond CrystalWater eliminates dirt particles quickly and effectively for crystal-clear pond water.


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Product Information

Tetra Pond Crystal Water contains selected minerals which remove cloudiness and haziness of all kinds. With its gentle mode of action, Crystal Water it is absolutely harmless for all aquarium inhabitants and quickly provides crystal clear water.

The effectiveness of the product becomes visible by a white cloud, which is not dangerous and clears away after a few hours.

Size Available: 250ml and 500ml

Key Features:

  • Effectively eliminates dirt particles
  • Improves the water quality in the pond, enhancing the well-being of fish and plants
  • Quickly creates crystal clear water for a significantly improved visibility depth
  • Works in a matter of hours
  • Should not be used to combat algae
  • Not suitable for sturgeon-like fish


Shake well before use. Using the dosing cap, add 50 ml Tetra Pond CrystalWater per 1,000 litres of pond water. For best results, ensure the product is mixed thoroughly into the pond water. Important! Ensure that the carbonate hardness (KH) of the water is equal or higher than 6° dH prior to each use. If the level is too low, the carbonate hardness should be increased in a controlled manner using a product such as Tetra Pond WaterStabiliser. Do not use to combat algae. Use Tetra Pond AlgoRem to combat green water (suspended algae). For best results, wait four to five days between treating the algae and using Tetra Pond CrystalWater.

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