Tetra Pond FilterZym

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Supports the biological cleaning power of the pond filter by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria for good water quality and healthy pond water.


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Product Information

Tetra Pond FilterZym promotes the development of natural filter bacteria, for healthier water. FilterZym creates the ideal conditions for establishing beneficial filter bacteria.

Size Available: 10 Capsules:

Key Features:

  • Supports the biological cleaning power of the pond filter
  • Improves water quality
  • Contains natural organic colloids that promote the settlement of beneficial microorganisms on the filter material
  • Speeds up the breakdown of organic waste including food remains, fish waste, dead plant parts and mulm


Use three capsules for new filter material, when reconnecting the filter after winter and after cleaning the filter material. Use two capsules every four weeks for long-term bioactivity in the filter. Open up the capsule and sprinkle the powder directly onto the filter material in the filter. Leave the pump switched off for two hours for maximum effect. We recommend using Tetra Pond AquaSafe at the same time in order to remove harmful substances in tap water such as chlorine and heavy metals.

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