Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers

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Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers are perfectly designed flakes of fish food targeting the specific nutritional needs of plecos, sinking straight to the bottom where species of catfish like to feed. Featuring a rich selection of vitamins and minerals, they can help your plecs be healthy and happy.


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Product Information

Tetra Multi Spirulina Wafers are a 2in1 product that is suitable for all types of catfish, bottom dwellers, and other large herbivore fish such as Silver Dollars.

Each crisp wafer contains everything that a foraging fish needs to support a healthy digestive system, immune system and more. Made from protein rich vegetable matter, these discs are easy to eat yet retain their shape easily, allowing fish to feed easily.

This makes them a great food source for fish that like to graze or eat at night.

Key Features:

  • Rich in vegetable matter
  • Added Omega 3
  • Crisp 2in1 formula retains shape for easier feeding
  • Does not cloud water

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 22/10/2021 12:10pm
    Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers 150g
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    Pleco likes them. He/she is now about 20 years old so I can say no more
  • Rating
    Date 19/01/2021 07:01am
    Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers 85g
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    Unfortunately I believed they were a bigger bag, so disappointed to find on arrival that they were the medium size bag.
  • Rating
    Date 19/09/2020 11:09am
    Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers 85g
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    Always been a good product
  • Rating
    Date 27/03/2020 09:03am
    Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers 85g
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    the plecs enjoy them and the other fish