Theiling Rollermat XC Aqua

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Theiling Rollermat XC Aqua is the larger and more robust model of the standard Rollermat design, allowing you to remove debris and nutrients from your tank, and ensure that the pond is kept in the very best condition.


  • Rollermat XC Aqua
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  • Rollermat XC Aqua Filterfleece - 45m
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Product Information

The Rollermat XC is the big brother of the proven Rollermat. The housing, including cover, is made of robust PE injection molding, and is ideal for large, heavily polluted freshwater aquariums, such as aquariums with cichlids.

The fleece width is 42 cm, the water flow rate max. 10.000l / hr. This allows aquaria up to 10,000 liters to be filtered efficiently, and ensure that there is less pressure of the biological media, and reduce nutrients, reducing algae in turn.

The technique works analogous to the smaller Rollermat . The polluted water passes through the fleece and enters the drum, catching the particles, and allowing the water to flow back into the sump. If the fleece is loaded with dirt, the water flow through the fleece decreases and the water level outside the drum increases. As soon as a certain water level is reached, a float switch activates the geared motor and the non-woven fabric is rewound a bit. Fully automatic! Depending on the amount of dirt in the pond, the fleece roll will last for 3 to 6 months. Replace the very fine fleece roll as required, ensuring that the particles are kept out of the pond, and removing pressure on the biological filter.

One roll contains about 45 m fleece (40g / m²).

Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 70 cm (L x W x H)

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