Theiling Rollermat Aqua

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Theiling Rollermat allows you to remove contaiminants easily and efficiently from your aquarium, relieving pressure on the biological filter and the protein skimmer, and reducing algae growth at the same time.


  • Rollermat Aqua
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Product Information

The Theiling Rollermat Aqua unit allows you to remove debris particles easily and efficiently, and ensures your tank is left as clear water with healthy fish. The water is filtered through a fine fleece and automatically carried on by a roll as soon as it clogs. The fleece is so fine that also unicellular parasites, such as Ichtyo, can be restrained. It comes with a 12 V engine, running at just 4 W.

The polluted water passes through the fleece and enters the drum, catching the particles, and allowing the water to flow back into the sump. If the fleece is loaded with dirt, the water flow through the fleece decreases and the water level outside the drum increases. As soon as a certain water level is reached, a float switch activates the geared motor and the non-woven fabric is rewound a bit. Fully automatic! Depending on the amount of dirt in the aquarium, the fleece roll will last for 3 to 6 months. Replace the very fine fleece roll as required, ensuring that the particles are kept out of the pond, and removing pressure on the biological filter and the protein skimmer.

When the pick roller is full or the dispenser roll is empty, it can simply be removed from the filter and replaced with a new one.

Characteristics of Rollermat :

  • Efficient mechanical filtration through fine fleece
  • Automatic onward transport of soiled fleece
  • Easy roll change
  • The roll has a width of 15 cm and allows a water throughput up to 2500l / h - depending on the water quality.
  • Minimum power consumption, on average less than 0.1W.
  • 12V safety voltage
  • Dimensions: 42 x 45.5 x 23.5 cm (L x H x W).
  • When installing, 10 cm must be added in height, so that the roller can be changed easily. When installed in the filter basin, the water level during operation must not rise higher than 13 cm.
  • Fleece rolls are 40g / m², c. 45 m long

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