TMC Aquabeam 1500 Marine White

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The TMC AquaBeam 1500 Tile offers a high output, wide angle LED design, is ideal for any marine tank small or large while still being environmentally friendly, with very low running costs and a low heat transfer to the water.


  • Aquabeam 1500 Marine White
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Product Information

The TMC AquaBeam 1500 is a crisp white light for both marine and freshwater applications.

This tile includes 10 Cool white 14650K LED's giving you the coolest white of any branded, high power LED available.

It offers a high output, wide angled design for optimised spectrum to enhance coral colouration and growth. Thanks to the light emitting diodes it has very low running costs, minimal heat transfer to the water and has a minimum lamp life of 50,000 hours, which is approximately six times the average life span of standard fluorescent lighting.

The tile has a compact design (20cm x 20cm) which makes it ideal for nano tanks, however it is suitable for all types of aquarium, with versatile mounting brackets included to allow adaptation to most types of tank. It can be utilised as a primary lighting source with a fish-only marine aquarium or aquariums that include corals, a dimming controller is also available.

  • Uses high power Cree┬« LEDs
  • 10 x Cool white - 14650 K - the coolest white of any branded, high power LED available!
  • Crisp white light for both marine and freshwater Applications
  • 5 year warrenty on lamp (2 years on PSU)
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Mounting brackets available (Mountaray)
  • Dimming AquaRay Controller (sold separately)

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