TMC AquaRay Mini LED 400 - Tile

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The TMC AquaRay Mini LED 400 Tile is a highly efficient LED tile with a compact design that makes it ideal for use with nano aquariums, or aquariums less than 50 litres. You can also use multiple tiles together as they are much cheaper to run than fluorescent bulbs, but can still produce high quality natural looking light with the high-output LEDs


  • AquaRay Mini LED 400 - Tile
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Product Information

This compact tile from TMC is perfect for small tanks up to 50 litres. The AquaRay Mini LED 400 can also be used with additional light units on larger tanks.

The units contain four LEDs that provide a combined colour temperature of 6500K (Kelvin), that replicates a natural daylight.

Energy efficient and cost effective, LEDs are now more commonly used in aquaria lighting. They emit little heat so they are great to use in a fish tank hood, as they cause little heat transference. The unit is dimmable too, giving greater control over the light effect.

The tile is water resistant, so can be used in the hood or on the AquaRay Brackets above a TMC MicroHabitat.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for lighting nano aquarium (less than 50 litres)
  • Water resistant casing
  • 6500K colour temperature
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Easy Installation using the MMS Rail System
  • Fully controllable using the AquaRay Controller

Guarantee Dimensions LED Colours Wattage
AquaRay Mini LED 400 - Tile 5 Years 14.5cm x 14.5cm Daylight - 6500k 12w

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