TMC AquaRay Smart Control 8

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Operate your TMC lighting system with ease and simplicity with this TMC AquaRay Smart Control 8, using up to 8 lighting tiles to provide a single or multiple aquariums with the perfect lighting, capable of changing between different modes to create dynamic effects.


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Product Information

The brand new TMC AquaRay Smart Control 8 is ideal to use with TMC's excellent aquarium AquaBeam lighting collection.

It's suitable for use with 8 of the TMC AquaBeam/GroBeam or Mini LED tiles or 4 of the AquaBeam/GroBeam tiles or any combination of the above. 8 USB inlets on the rear of the device offer a huge capacity for control, with just a single power supply cable to cut down on messy cables and wires.

It has 4 separately controlled channels which can be set to various light phases:

  • Storm
  • Cloud
  • Moonlight

The channels can also be set independently to come on at specified times, and have a dimming function to replicate natural lighting. A light sensor also measure the light quality, and ensure it is working properly.

The Smart Control also has a thermometer probe, to constantly monitor the temperature in your aquarium.

The back lit screen tells you which mode is being used, and has easy touch buttons to programme each desired function. As the screen is easy to read, it's ideal for use in a cabinet under the aquarium.

Up to four Smart Control 8 units can be used together, to operate multiple aquariums. A cable is needed (available separately).

Wireless Technology

For your convenience, the Smart Control can be controlled wirelessly from an appropriate device - a wireless bridge is required. It can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or other device.

Plus, the unit can accept a 1-10 volt signal from another aquatic device using a simple cable (not included).

Just in case of a power cut, the unit saves all of the settings on a unique 'save' function. So when the power is restored, the settings can simply reactivate.

Key Features:

  • 4 separately controlled channels
  • 8 USB points for multiple connections
  • Built in storm, cloud and moon phases
  • Can be used wirelessly
  • Low light sensor
  • Back lit screen to allow easy viewing
  • Settings saved in case of power failure.

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