TMC AquaRed Flexi LED

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The TMC AquaRed Flexi LED gives you genuine flexibility over the lighting in your aquarium. This self-adhesive lighting strip is 450mm long and readily flexible to fit into awkward spaces. The red LEDs are low voltage, incredibly long lasting and cheap to run


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Product Information

The TMC AquaRed Flexi LED allows you to create individual areas of lighting within your tank.

The red LED bulbs in this flexible strip are great for night vision and creating areas of interest around corals and rock formations in a marine or freshwater tank. Self-adhesive and easily manipulated into position, the strip can be used as a supplementary lighting source.

LEDs are a great energy and cost efficient light source, and are fast becoming the go to lamps for aquarists. They last much longer, and as they emit little heat, they can be used in the aquarium hood without causing heat transference.

Key Features:

  • Red LEDs make it ideal for night vision, acclimation and colour enhancement
  • Flexible and self-adhesive
  • Can be fitted into an AquaRay MMS rail
  • High output, single colour
  • Waterproof and low voltage
  • Supplementary lighting only

Product Guarantee Length Colour
AquaRed Flexi LED 2 Years 17.7" long Red

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