Gamma Freshwater Nutri & Vitality Boost Shots

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Gamma Freshwater Nutri & Vitality Boost shots from TMC provide top quality nutrition to your fish, and can be used as a wholesome diet to keep your fish in the very best condition.


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Product Information

This is an advanced, press-on food ball, that comes with added nutri & vitality boosters, which are designed to be specificially suitable for all tropical freshwater fish, and is specially formulated to meet the higher nutritional needs of freshwater carnivores.

This is a 100% natural & easily digestible food, that is pre-mixed, and ready to use for easy feeding, as well as ensuring there is a low waste outcome as well. It contains extra nutri and vitality boosters, including probiotics, garlic, aloe vera and omega 3, as well as having plenty of naturally occurring sensory attractants to encourage feeding.

These food balls are perfect for viewing by easily sticking to the side of the tank or rockwork, allowing your fish to graze naturally whilst giving you a close up view of your fish feeding. They are suitable for everyday feeding of carnivorous, omnivorous and new or stressed freshwater fish to naturally maintain health, being specially formulated to meet the higher nutritional requirements of freshwater carnivorous fish such as Red Cichlids, South American Cichilids, Discus and Catfish.

These comes as a 12mm pellet, and can be easily squished together to make larger food areas if required.

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