Gamma Marine Vitality Boost Pellets

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Gamma Vitality Boost Pellets comes in a handy 1.75mm micro pellet, for easy feeding of highly nutritious food.


  • Marine Vitality Boost Pellets 70g
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Product Information

This is a highly advanced food pellet, with added vitality boosters, which is suitable for all tropical freshwater fish, and is specially formulated to meet the higher nutritional needs of freshwater carnivores, such as Red Cichlids, South American Cichilids, Discus and Catfish.

These comes as a soft, pre-mixed, sinking pellet which is perfect for easy feeding and low waste, and is 100% natural, and therefore easily digestible as well. The pellets are cold extruded to ensure no loss of nutritional value, and they contain naturally occurring sensory attractants, to encourage feeding of your fish.

This food is suitable for everyday feeding of carnivorous, omnivorous and new or stressed freshwater fish to naturally maintain health, and the extra added nutrition and vitality boosters, including probiotics, garlic, aloe vera and omega 3, ensure that they are getting the very best quality food.

Pellet size 1.75mm

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