TMC GroBeam 600 Ultima Natural Daylight - Single

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The TMC GroBeam 600 Natural Daylight is a single lighting strip that uses five high efficiency LEDs to simulate natural daylight. It comes with a 6,500K colour temperature for encouraging plant growth and colours in freshwater aquariums. The LEDs are incredibly efficient, with a low carbon footprint, extra-long lamp life and minimal heat transference


  • GroBeam 600 Ultima ND - Single
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Product Information

The TMC GroBeam 600 Natural Daylight is a single strip of five LED lights that provide a 6,500K colour temperature to simulate natural daylight. These lights are ideally used to encourage plant growth in freshwater aquariums and enhance the vibrant colours of fish.

The five LED lights used in this single strip offer a 50,000 hour lamp life, which is significantly longer than fluorescent lighting. They are also much more efficient, with a smaller carbon footprint, meaning they are cheaper for you to run. The light strip is housed in a sealed, water-resistant casing which makes it suitable for use near water and has a wide angled beam for optimum light distribution close to the water.

The TMC GroBeam 600 Natural Daylight Single Strip has a compact design with versatile mounting fixtures included and is also suitable for use with a TMC modular mounting system (MMS) and is compatible with a TMC Power Controller.

Key Features:
  • Ideal for planted tanks and tropical aquariums
  • Creates a natural shimmering effect
  • 50,000 hour lamp life
  • Light-weight and compact design
  • Versatile mounting fixtures allow installation into a variety of aquariums and compatible with modular mounting systems (MMS)
  • Minimal heat transference
  • Sealed, water-resistant casing
  • Suitable for use with TMC Power Controller

Product Guarantee Length LED Colours Wattage
GroBeam 600 Ultima Natural Daylight 2 Years 48cm Natural Daylight - 6500k 30w

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  • Rating
    Date 17/04/2017 12:04pm
    TMC GroBeam 600 Ultima ND - Single
    Feefo Logo
    For the price it is a bit of a let down. It's not very bright at all and definitely not bright enough to illuminate my 85 litre tank. I'm going to mount it above my fry tanks as it's good enough for that. Won't buy any more.
  • Rating
    Date 23/12/2015 07:12am
    TMC GroBeam 600 Ultima ND - Single
    Feefo Logo
    I recommend this light (grobeam 600).
    Easy to fit .
    Best price on the net .
  • Rating
    Date 17/01/2015 12:01pm
    TMC GroBeam 600 Ultima ND - Single
    Feefo Logo
    Have these already why i opted for another
  • Rating
    Date 28/12/2014 21:12pm
    TMC GroBeam 600 Ultima ND - Single
    Feefo Logo
    Nice solid bit of kit looks great and the light is a pleasing natural colour that enhances the green of the plants, fish look a little washed out but hey!