TMC H2 FIll & Go Nano 5 Litre Container

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This TMC H2 FIll & Go Nano 5 Litre Container is perfect for the transportation of ready made seawater for your aquarium - perfect to keep on standby for when you lose aquarium water via rapid evaporation of through a leak.


  • H2 FIll & Go Nano 5 Litre Container
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Product Information

The TMC H2 Fill & Go Nano 5L Container is ideal for storing and transporting a variety of ready mixed seawater.

The handy collapsible design means it can be stored easily, ready for use and is easily packed away after use too. It holds a hefty 5 litres of water, so it's great for top ups or emergency water.

The Fill & Go has a variety of uses:

  • Pre Mixed seawater for marine tanks
  • RO water for Cichlids, Discus, planted or marine tanks
  • Shake & Make water solutions
  • TMC Seawater mix

H2Fill &Go Nano - 5 Litre Folded dimensions: 170mm (w) x 170mm (d) x 60mm (h)

Filled dimensions: 180mm (w) x 180mm (d) x 220mm (h)

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