TMC H2Air - Air Pump

Get a better level of oxygen in your aquarium water

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  • High performance air pumps to aerate your aquarium
  • Compact design, silent operation
  • For use in both tropical and marine aquariums
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TMC H2Air are high performance air pumps that will ensure the health of a tropical and marine aquarium.

The pumps ensure the water is aerated and the aquarium water is regularly moved around which promotes aquatic plant growth and helps your fish stay healthy. While a pump doesn't add oxygen it does encourage it to circulate around the tank.

They are extremely efficient with silent operation. They have high quality components for long lasting, continuous operation. It has a tidy, compact design and is simple to install and maintain. The air filter and diaphragm are both easy to replace.

Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • Silent operation
  • Filter and diaphragm replaceable
Product Pump size Tanks size Guarantee
H2Air 60 60lpm 50l 2 years


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