TMC Nutrasoil Black

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A fantastic and nutritious substrate for planted aquariums, this TMC Nutrasoil Black features a host of slow-release vitamins and minerals to feed your plants from the roots up, allowing you to grow beautiful and healthy planted aquascapes in your own home. Great prices from Swell UK


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Product Information

AquaGro NutraSoil is a complete substrate that provides an attractive and nutritious foundation for aquatic plants. It slowly releases vital trace nutrients to the plant roots.

The small, soft granules allow for maximum root growth and ensure that the nutrients are delivered directly at source. The porous structure promotes healthy bacteria development which aids cleaner, healthier water.

NutraSoil lowers the pH value too, which means it is less acidic and great for aquatic plants and some fish. The delicate texture makes a luxurious home for bottom dwellers.

The dark, black tones of NutraSoil adds an extra depth to your aquarium, it is used alone to create the most beneficial base layer to your aquarium. It is not to be mixed with gravel.

This product is part of the TMC AquaGro Range, designed to make the very best of aquatic plants. Take a look at the AquaGro CO2 sets which will maintain the carbon dioxide levels in a planted aquarium.

Available in two sizes 5l and 10l.

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    Date 31/08/2015 09:08am
    TMC Nutrasoil Black 10 Litres
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    Date 01/02/2015 10:02am
    TMC Nutrasoil Black 10 Litres
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    I haven't used it in my tank yet but the soil is very high quality. Black soil is actually just very very dark brown.