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  • Algae reactor for growing macro algae
  • Compact design with built-in lighting tube
  • A range of sizes to suit all needs
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The TMC REEF BIO-Gro algae reactor is designed to grow marine macro algae's such as Chaeto (Chaetomorpha). with this reactor, you can be sure to get the correct PUR rating that macroalgae require without taking all the room up in your sump for a traditional Refugium. By adding this it is a sure way to help reduce Nitrates and Phosphate's in your marine aquarium that lead to horrible Algae problems.

The method is that macroalgae will out-compete the smaller nuisance algae, helping to keep your aquarium lovely and clean! Simply throw away the excess macroalgae when the reactor is full, leaving a small piece on each plate to start the process again. A lovely natural, self-sustaining solution to nitrate and phosphate reduction!

The algae reactor method is simple to use simply Place a small amount of macroalgae, such as Chaetomorpha, onto each algae plate, connect the pump (sold with and without pumps) 1000-2000lph and switch the light on (for optimum results, it is recommended that the LED lighting board is set to operate on a reverse cycle and switch on when the main lights in your aquarium switch off).

Inside the lighting tube is a double-sided LED lighting board using AquaRay technology. The 9w dimmable LED light has a unique spectrum, tailored specifically for the optimum growth of macroalgae (large multicellular algaes such as Chaetomorpha sp, not the green water, single-celled plankton algae). This means that the light spectrum is not just the usual red/white mix used in other models.

Main Features:

  • The AquaBar dimmer can be used to control the REEF BIO-Gro light.
  • The REEF BIO-Gro has a lighting tube with algae culture plates attached that runs down the middle of the body.
  • The REEF BIO-Gro's compact size means it can stand in a sump, hang on the inside or outside or can be run pressurised separately from the system, in any position desired.
  • Also included is a self-adhesive light shield that optimises the use of available light from the LED lighting board and also helps reduce light spill into your aquarium or sump. This can be cut to create a viewing strip should the user wish to monitor algae growth.

Please note: Chaeto Algae is hand picked so each packet may vary in size each packet is roughly the size of a golf ball when added to water. As this is a live algae once received we are unable to accept returns.

Product REEF BIO-Gro - Small REEF BIO-Gro - M
Dimensions H:390 x W:145mm (minus outlet pipe) 140 x 250 x 585mm
Tank size 400l 700l
Guarantee 1 year 1 year
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