TMC Reef Flow 2.0

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  • Circulation pump for marine aquariums
  • Magnetic fixture allows for complete control
  • Three different models to choose from


  • Reef Flow 2.0 4000
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Product Information

Create waves and oceanic flows in your aquarium

What is the TMC Reef Flow 2.0?

The TMC Reef Flow 2.0 is a wave-making circulation pump for all aquariums. It is the successor to the popular Reef Tide Pumps and can be daisy-chained to form large natural wave patterns. With three different modes and three interchangeable nozzles, there are nine different types of flow you can create within your aquarium including slow deep-sea flow and the rapid flow found in the shallows.

This range is particularly handy as it has a magnetic handle, with high-quality magnets built-in, that sits on the outside of your tank, keeping it in position wherever you want it for as long as you want it, unlike traditional sucker fixtures that degrade over time. This range boasts a variety of fully adjustable mounting options so you can direct the pre-set wave patterns exactly where you need them. There are three different models within the range each with different outputs and strengths to suit all tanks and reefs.

Why should I buy the TMC Reef Flow 2.0?

Circulation and water movement are key in marine aquariums as it helps nourish corals within your reef aquarium, bringing key nutrients to them. While this range does have a sleek and compact design, it packs a punch and you can be sure it will create plenty of flow. However, while these pumps are powerful they are very quiet, thanks to built-in anti-vibration quiet operation pads that, TMC claim, render the pump silent.

The TMC Reef Flow 2.0 is easy to set up and manage with fantastic safety features and an unrivalled output across three pre-set wave modes and nozzles, making it a natural choice for most reefkeepers.

Which TMC Reef Flow 2.0 model should I buy?

There are three models within the TMC Reef Flow 2.0 range; 4000, 8000, 16000. The models are named after their flow rate output in litres per hour and that gives a good indication of the main difference in the range. Each TMC Reef Flow 2.0 offers the same great features but as you go up through the range each model is twice as powerful as the last, making them better suited for almost all sizes of aquariums.

It's important to note that different corals and fish like different flows, so even if you have a very large aquarium we recommend doing plenty of research to ensure you choose the right model.

How do I control and daisy chain the TMC Reef Flow 2.0?

Each TMC Reef Flow 2.0 comes with a simple manual control that you can use to control the pump independently through the latest DC wavemaker technology, however, you can also connect your pump to another model from the manual control. This allows you to hook up as many pumps as you wish to one master pump, then you can control all pumps at once from the one master. However, each pump still has an independent simple manual control so you can make small adjustments to any individual pump. You can also use each of the interchangeable nozzles on the pumps to create various flow patterns.

Is the TMC Reef Flow 2.0 susceptible to calcium buildup?

Unlike other wavemakers, this model boasts an innovative impeller, which is designed to replicate natural currents while resisting calcium build up. The impeller sends a constant stream of water through the impeller shaft, breaking down detritus and calcium which is a common problem in plastic impellers. The innovative impeller is made from specialist heat resistant materials that, when coupled with the constant flow of cooling water, ensure the pump doesn't overheat in water even when delivering maximum performance.

Is the TMC Reef Flow 2.0 safe to use with my corals and fish?

The TMC Reef Flow 2.0 has a lot of extra safety designed into it to ensure the durability of the hardware and the safety of your marine aquarium. It has a compact design with a built-in cage that is fine to keep out most fish and corals. It also has a unique self-cooling system built-in and an innovative impeller design that is resistant to calcium buildup and will prevent detritus collecting. Finally, the entire device runs on a low voltage for added safety.

Can you use the TMC Reef Flow 2.0 in freshwater aquariums?

Yes, the TMC Reef Flow 2.0 is just as suitable for both salt and freshwater aquariums. It can help provide a constant flow to create superb water movement and circulation, which is perfect for riverine fish. Riverine fish are suited to high water flow environments and need a regular flow pattern in their habitat.

What modes and nozzles does the TMC Reef Flow 2.0 have?

All models in the TMC Reef Flow range have three modes with different pre-set wave patterns:

  • Continuous stream mode, which creates a continuous flow.
  • Reef mode, which creates a natural wave, similar to those found within a coral reef.
  • Pulse mode, which creates long sustained periods of flow and breaks, recreating the conditions found near the surface of the ocean.

Each TMC Reef Flow model also includes three nozzles that range from a wide to a narrow focus. You can also increase the intensity of each mode by 10% increments using the controller. By mixing and matching between the different types of modes, intensities and nozzles you can create the ideal water flow patterns for your marine aquarium.


Modes 3
Multi-directional head? Yes
Fixture Mounts to up to 15mm glass or acrylic
PSU Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Guarantee 1 year
Cable length 2m


Model 4000 8000 16000
Flow rate 400-4000lph 800-8000lph 1600-16000lph
Max. power 15W 26W 52W
Pump Voltage DC12v DC24v DC24v
Length 55mm 63mm 78mm
Width 48mm 58mm 72mm

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