TMC Reef Tide DC Circulation Pump

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The TMC DC fully controlable Reef Tide pump is a more affordable way to create that natural wave look in your marine aquarium. Compact in size, robust, very reliable and most importantly affordable.


  • Reef Tide 6000 DC Circulation Pump
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  • Reef Tide 6000 Compact DC Circulation Pump
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  • Reef Tide 10000 DC Circulation Pump
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  • Reef Tide 20000 DC Circulation Pump
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  • Reef Tide 20000 Compact DC Circulation Pump
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Product Information

The TMC Reef-Tide can be easily hidden behind a decoration, and thus ensure the harmonious overall appearance of a small aquarium, absolutely perfect for aquascaping. this pump is designed to replicate natural wave movement making your corals and fish feel at home. it also gives an excellent view to your aquarium making it as natural and as realistic as possible.

The Reef Tide is fully controllable with its DC technology making slight adjustments to flow easy and stress free. The controller has 4 set programs to choose from having a look from a nice calm reef to an extreme wave suited better for a fish only tank. It also has a great feature that allows you to turn off the pump for a maximum of ten minutes to allow you to feed you fish and corals in peace, this can stop food getting pushed around your tank and finding a dead spot under rocks causing problems to your water quality.

  • High flow & low voltage DC water circulation pump
  • Flowrate: 1500 - 6000 LPH
  • fully controllable with 4 pre set wave patters
  • multi time setting period enable wave settings to be programmed to replicate natural wave movements
  • controller included
  • 10 minute feed timer
  • quick and easy to mount
  • for glass and acrylic aquariums up to 15mm thik
  • Reef-tide compact has an obstructive design, for tanks with limited space and also includes interchangeable nozzles for varied wave motiones.

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