TMC Signature 60cm Aquarium and Cabinet - Glacier White

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TMC Signature Aquariums are a beautiful range of fish tanks, featuring Optiwhite glass and a stunning cabinet.


  • Signature 60cm Aquarium and Cabinet - Glacier White
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Product Information

TMC Signature range of aquariums and cabinets are stylish, minimal design. Without the usual set up of filter and lighting, you can add your own and really personalise the tank. A sump in the cabinet allows for multiple units in the base for the perfect filtration process.

The aquarium has no rim detail or framework, leaving a simple, clear design which allows a full view of the tank. Crafted from super clear Optiwhite glass the aquarium is beautifully clear, so you can see your underwater scene at is very best.

The cabinet supports the tank, as well as housing a sump. Packed with five compartments the sump allows you to create your own unique support system, and really put your own stamp on the aquarium. It has an integral fresh water section which will for an auto top up system. All fittings and pipework are included to help you set up easily.

You can incorporate your own lighting system too, take a look at our range, especially the TMC AquaRay collection for a comprehensive, innovative range of products.

The elegant simplicity of the Signature fish tank range means they are perfect for marine, tropical and especially planted displays. A planted aquarium needs a good, nutrient rich substrate, we have a great range here at Swell UK.

Key Features:

  • Optiwhite aquarium with 8mm glass
  • 130 litres capacity
  • Matching white cabinet
  • Sump with various compartments
  • Fittings kit

Product Tank Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions Sump Dimensions
Glacier White 60cm x 45cm x 45cm (l x h x w) 60cm x 75cm x 45cm (l x h x w) 53cm x 35cm x 38cm (l x h x w)

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