TMC Signature 90cm Aquarium and Cabinet - Glacier White

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TMC Signature Aquariums are a classy, sleek fish tank with Optiwhite glass and a stunning cabinet.


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Product Information

The TMC Signature range allows you to be as creative as you like, and really put your own signature on the tank. This is thanks to a contemporary yet simple tank and cabinet design with an integral sump. You can add your own lights, filtration and heating equipment to realise your very own aquatic scene.

The 90cm tank is made from super clear Optiwhite glass, which is 8mm thick and allows for a perfect, panoramic view. The tank is hoodless so a modern style lighting system would like great attached to the back or sides of the tank. TMC's own Aqua Ray products are ideal, low in energy use, and high in power they provide a high colour temperature to promote the best coral or plant growth.

The corresponding glossy white cabinet, houses a multi compartment sump to create your own filtration system. Five compartments will securely hold all manner of external filter equipment and full fittings and pipework are included too.

The concept of the design means that it looks perfect in any room, be it living room or office. The classic styling will look good for years to come. To keep it that way, it's a good idea to keep on top of maintenance, we a have a great collection of cleaning tools at Swell UK to make the job a little easier!

At a glance:

  • Optiwhite aquarium with 8mm glass
  • 180 litres capacity
  • Glossy white cabinet
  • Sump
  • Fittings kit

Product Tank Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions
Glacier White 90cm x 45cm x 45cm (length x height x width) 90cm x 75cm x 45cm (length x height x width)

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