Tropic Marin Starter Kit

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Everything you need for starting off a reef aquarium: a starter kit containing, REEF Salt, essential minerals and trace elements, filter starter, test kits, acclimation kit and hygrometer. All at an affordable price, with free next day delivery at Swell UK.


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Product Information

Tropic Marin Starter-Kit contains a range of high quality saltwater products, which are ideal to get your new marine tank up and running, ensuring optimum water parameters.

Kit Contents:

Tropic Marin REEF-Salt 10kg (for 300 litres/66 UK gal): This salt creates the ideal environment for the care of fish, corals and other invertebrates in modern reef aquaria.

Tropic Marin All-For-Reef 250ml: A highly concentrated solution for the supply of ALL essential minerals and trace elements in new/moderately stocked reef tanks.

Tropic Marin Nitribiotic 25ml: A solution of probiotic and nitrifying bacteria which aids the nitrogen cycle and strengthens the immune system of fish and inverts whilst lowering hydrogen sulphides.

Tropic Marin Compact Lab Multi Test Kit: High quality kit for the determination of the most important water values in marine aquaria.

Includes tests for:-

  • pH (sufficient for 100 tests)
  • PO4 (sufficient for 50 tests)
  • NH4+/NH3 (sufficient for 50 tests)
  • KH (sufficient for 100 tests)
  • NO2/NO3 (sufficient for 50 tests)

AquaHabitats Acclimation Kit: Simple yet professional drip acclimation kit providing the necessary components to gently acclimate new livestock to the water parameters of your home aquarium.

AquaHabitats Hydrometer: This easy-to-use hydrometer measures the salt content in water using specific gravity (density of the water) at 25°C.

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