TMC V2 Bio Replacement Media - Silica Sand

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TMC V2 Bio Replacement Media - Marine Oolitic Sand for use in fluidised reactors comes at an amazing price from Swell UK, espeically considering how efficient it is at cleaning your aquarium water given the right environment. Read on to find out more!


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Product Information

Replacement Silica Sand for use with the TMC V2 Bio Fluidised Sand Bed Filter.

This sand will work within the reactor to provide the best filtration possible, performing both mechanical and biological filtration for the best possible results. 

As an alternative, why not try the TMC V2 Bio Marine Oolitic Sand in your reactor, a fine graded sand this will ensure a perfectly clean and clear tank.

The Silica Sand comes in a 1kg bag, so depending on usage, it's great value for money too!

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