TMC V2 iLumenAir 600 Connect

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V2 iLumenAir 600 connect is the very latest in LED technology. It is high powered and high PAR, allowing the best lighting in in your aquarium. It can be controlled through an app on your smartphone so you can create the best look form your reef aquarium. Buy from Swell UK to get the very best prices.


  • V2 iLumenAir 600 Connect
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Product Information

The V2 iLumenAir 600 Connect from TMC is an advanced aquarium lighting system.

The LED light system uses Bridgelux technology to give you the best illumination, it's great for planted and reef tanks alike.

The unit has three different colours of LED to replicate sunrise to sunset. It can be set to operate to your own schedule. There are also storm and cloud settings to create optimum breeding conditions for some species of fish. The light unit is controlled using your very own smart phone or tablet so WIFI is needed. Through this free app you can create the best look for your reef tank.

It can be mounted easily above your aquarium with the brackets provided, or hung above the tank using a kit (available separately). The adjustable brackets mean the 600 model can fit tanks from 425-665mm long x 300-500mm wide.

LED lighting is renowned for its energy efficiency, so will save you both money and power. It lasts much longer than traditional forms of lighting, so you won't need to replace any bulbs soon.

Colours Included:

  • Total wattage - 95w
  • White 12000K (37w)
  • Red 640nm (16w)
  • NUVnm (2w)
  • Blue 465nm (37w)

Dimensions: 400mm x 260mm x 39mm

The unit also has a smart blue LED strip on the trim (which can be turned off) making a sleek blue profile and a real design statement.

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