TMC V2 phosphate reduction PowerPads

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TMC V2 phosphate reduction PowerPads pop striaght into your filter to help soak up some of the excess phosphate being generated in your tank before it can become a rich fertiliser for unwanted algae growth.


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Product Information

V2 PowerPads are Phosphate (PO4) Reduction Filter Pads.

The pad absorbs and reduces phosphate to enhance and improve aquarium water quality. This will also reduce the formation of algae and allow aquatic plants to thrive.

It is suitable for the V2 PowerBox 400.

For best results:

  • Always ensure good water flow through the filter pad
  • Replace every 4 weeks or before if elevated levels of phosphate are detected in the water
  • Must be used in conjunction with regular testing of water parameters.

Multiple PowerPads can be used together to enhance performance.

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