TMC V2 PowerFlow Circulation Pumps

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  • V2 PowerFlow 6000
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Developed to grant a silent operation and is extremely durable, these pumps are extraordinarily compact but complete throughout the range. The PowerFlow pumps regulation of the power of the water flow acting on the front part of the pump, which in turn gives wider and softer flow for soft corals and plants but also can be direct and powerful for hard corals. These larger models have a 360deg rotating base plate which allows the pump to rotate 360deg and has a 180deg up and down movement to allow the pump to be put in almost any position. as with all the V2 PowerFlow pumps they come with extremely strong magnets allowing you to use these pumps in aquariums with glass thickness up to 15mm in width.

The fixed rotar grants endless quite starts thanks to the high resistant materials so it never breaks. they can be used in either marine or fresh water aquariums. in fact, thanks to the flow regulator and the 360deg rotation system, it is useful to raise the deposits form the bottom of the tank, allowing you filter system to work more efficiently.

ProductTank Size (Marine & Freshwater)Wattage (Pump)Circulation Pump (LPH)GuaranteeFlow Regulator
PowerFlow 3000200L & 350L7w3000 LPH1 YearYES
PowerFlow 4500300L & 470L10w4500 LPH1 YearYES
PowerFlow 6000400L & 730L14w6000 LPH1 YearYES

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