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Tropic Marin Compact Lab Test Kit - Saltwater

A one stop lab for all your aquarium chemistry

At a glance...
  • Test kit for testing pH, KH, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia
  • Includes all testing equipment and colour changing chart
  • Suitable for saltwater aquariums
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The test set Tropic Marin Compact Lab includes all the important tests for prompt and precise determination of water values. The pH value, alkalinity, phosphate level, nitrite and nitrate content as well as the ammonia concentration of the water influence the wellbeing of fish and invertebrates in seawater aquariums to a decisive degree. With this test set it is possible to check all of these values.

The inset of the reagent bottles are color-coded and can also be used outside the carton for clear storage. For rapid and safe execution, the instructions of use also include an illustrated quick start guide for each parameter.

Key Features:

  • Allows testing for pH, KH / Alkalinity, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammonia / Ammonium
  • Clear, bold colour changes
  • Includes all required testing equipment
  • For use in marine aquariums


  • pH-test for approx. 100 applications
  • KH/alkalinity-test for approx. 100 applications
  • Phosphate-test for approx. 50 applications
  • Nitrite/nitrate-test for approx. 50 application
  • Ammonium/ammoniac-test for approx. 50 applications
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