Tropica Hygrophila 'Siamensis'

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Product Information

Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' is a variety of Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis' it forms an incredible amount of side shoots and becomes bushy relatively rapidly. Stems reach 15-40 cm tall and 7-12 cm wide and its beautiful bright green leaves are narrower than the regular 'Siamensis', it can achieve red-brown leaves in good light conditions. Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B is an undemanding, fast growing plant that must be pruned frequently to maintain a bushy growth. Grown in a coconut fibre mini-pot to plug and grow in the tank.

Key Features:

  • Considered easy to grow
  • Undemanding plant for beginners
  • Bushy growth, due to multiple shots
  • Easy to propgate by planting cut-off shoots
  • Reaches average heights of 15-30cm+
  • Low light demand of 0.5W/L
  • Demands low CO2 of 0-5mg/L

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 07/07/2021 08:07am
    Tropica Hygrophila 'Siamensis' Mini Pot
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    Good quality plant from Tropica
  • Rating
    Date 08/12/2020 08:12am
    Tropica Hygrophila 'Siamensis'
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    Nice little plant, in good condition on arrival. Only just planted it, hope it grows.