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Tropica Plant Growth CO2 System Nano

Disposable aquarium CO2 system for lush plant growth

At a glance...
  • CO2 system for adding CO2 to your nano aquarium
  • Set includes CO2 canister, regulator, tubing, diffuser and rack
  • Helps to promote plant growth
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Tropica CO2 System Nano is a complete CO2 system that benefits the growth of all aquarium plants and enhances colours.

What is Tropica Plant Growth CO2 System Nano?

Tropica Plant Growth CO2 System Nano is a clever solution for precise dosing of CO2 in small aquariums. This complete CO2 system features a disposable recyclable aluminium bottle containing 95 g of pressurised CO2, a regulator, diffuser, hose and rack. Plant Growth System Nano offers precise and stable CO2 regulation and ensures maximum CO2 efficiency to promote plant growth and improve colour development.

What are the benefits of using a CO2 system in your tank?

In a planted freshwater aquarium the correct levels of CO2 are essential for healthy plant growth as the most important nutrient for plants is CO2. Plant Growth System Nano is compact and efficient, providing your planted aquarium with the right amount of carbon dioxide for lush growth and beautiful results. Even a small amount of CO2 can make a significant difference in plant growth and improves colour development.

How to use:

  • Before mounting the regulator on the CO2 cartridge, ensure that the regulator is off completely
  • Fill the diffuser chamber with water
  • Place the cartridge in the rack, slide the suction cups on the hose and mount the hose to the regulator and the diffuser
  • Install the diffuser with the suction cups inside the tank near the bottom and place the hose in the back corner
  • Leave the diffuser for 24 hours in your tank to ensure that the ceramic disc is fully moistened
  • Count the bubbles in the diffuser chamber as you open the regulator carefully
  • Wait 5 minutes, adjust and repeat until the number of bubbles per minute is similar to the recommendation in the table shown on the product images

What is the recommended CO2 concentration for my planted aquarium?

The specification table shows recommended dosage (bubbles per minute) in different planted tank sizes. A 95 g CO2 cartridge contains 50,000 ml CO2. The natural CO2 level in an aquarium is 0-0.5 mg/L of water.

If your aquarium contains only slow-growing easy plants, the addition of CO2 gas into the water should reach a level of approximately 3 mg/L to ensure good growth conditions. The CO2 requirement for medium category plants is approximately 10 mg/L, and for advanced plants is approximately 25 mg/L.

A nano-lifetime cartridge will be too short if you have a larger aquarium with medium or advanced plants. In this case, a larger cylinder, such as a 2 kg refillable, is recommended. All figures are approximate.

Size 95 g
CO2 contents 50,000 ml
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