Tropica Rotala rotundifolia

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Live aquatic plant in pot, packed in a breathable blister packaging to go.


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Product Information

The Latin name means "the plant with the round leaves''. But this only applies to the marsh variety, which has circular leaves. Available in either a grown on rooted plant, or as a smaller Mini Pot that is grown in a coconut fibre casing, which can be planted directly into the aquarium.

Rotala rotundifolia from South-East Asia has long, thin leaves and 15-30 long stems, 2-3 cm wide including the leaves. Unlike other Rotala species it is relatively undemanding, although it needs good light to produce red leaves. It forms side shoots willingly, becoming compact and bushy. This also means that it is hard for light to reach the lower leaves, so the plant should be pruned frequently

Key Features:

  • Considered easy to grow
  • Becomes more red in high light intensity
  • Multiplies easily by replanting cuttings in the bottom layer
  • Medium growth rate
  • Reached average heights of 15-30cm+
  • Low light demand at 0.5 W/L
  • Low CO2 0-5mg/L

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 22/05/2021 10:05am
    Tropica Rotala rotundifolia
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    Received fresh. well packaged and looks fine so far. No problems.
  • Rating
    Date 20/12/2020 07:12am
    Tropica Rotala rotundifolia
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    Packaged well, was looking a little sad as it spent 2 days at post office but bounced back since being put in the tank
  • Rating
    Date 01/05/2020 17:05pm
    Tropica Rotala rotundifolia
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    Fast delivery very good products, live plants arrived in fantastic condition
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    Date 28/04/2020 07:04am
    Tropica Rotala rotundifolia
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    Very small plant and as delivered in a bag damaged.